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Lo Scalo lies just a few steps away from the shores of the beautiful Lago Maggiore, proposing unique recipes daily. Our staff focuses on every detail possible, in order to create your preferred gastronomic experience. A palette of colors and scents characterizes our dishes, in order for you to percieve things in a different way. What it all means is clear to us, but our goal is to be able to comminucate it to you in the most creative way possible: stop and observe our masterpieces, they’ll tell our story, and show you what lies behind, and will ultimately be able to amaze even the most demanding foodies.

Within short walking distance you are immersed in the charming streets of the town surrounded by ancient vaults.

To us, our adventure originates from our dishes: it all begins with selecting the best raw materials available followed by their transformation according to a unique point of view, thus delivering elaborate dishes to be enjoyed in picturesque surroundings, accompanied by the best selection of wines from our wine cellar.

Eventi speciali

Lo Scalo restaurant, forte di un esperienza importante nel settore, è in grado di offrire un servizio personalizzato per eventi speciali. Matrimoni e cerimonie in genere sono per noi un servizio importante.

La realizzazione del vostro evento può trovare una location suggestiva sul Lago Maggiore nell'antico borgo medioevale di Cannobio. Noi siamo a vostra completa disposizione per personalizzare al meglio i vostri eventi.

Lo Scalo restaurant

Reservations: +39 0323 71480

Ristorante Lo Scalo PI: 02450620022
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